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Sylvia Maier

About Sangomas and Soothsayers and Mischief

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July 14 – November 1, 2020

Self-Portrait of the artist in draped white fabric against a richly-hued pink background

In the Pink, 2020

Oil on linen.

78" x 39"

Oil on board, gentleman holding his hands close to his chest.

The Word Became Flesh, 2019

Oil on canvas.

48" x 24"

Oil on canvas depicting two women

Activist Row / Reclaiming Her Time, 2018

Oil on canvas.

54" x 72"

Oil on canvas, subject in front of store front gate

Diva, 2018

Oil on canvas.

54" x 72"

Oil on canvas, shirtless subject holding a skateboard over their shoulders

Don't Come for Me, Unless I Send for You, 2018

Oil on canvas.

51" x 36"

Drummer's Grove, 2017, Oil on copper.

Drummer's Grove, 2017

Oil on copper.

34" x 47"

Esqueletos sin Alma, 2020. , Oil on canvas.

Esqueletos sin Alma, 2020. 

Oil on canvas.

48" x 73"

Gede Study for Mambo, 2019, Oil on canvas.

Gede Study for Mambo, 2019

Oil on canvas.

30" x 52"

Gran Bwa (study for The Lake), 2018, Oil on canvas.

Gran Bwa (study for The Lake), 2018

Oil on canvas.

18" x 60"

Ink Apprentice, 2018, Oil on canvas

Ink Apprentice, 2018

Oil on canvas

48" x 66"

Little Diva, 2018, Oil on canvas.

Little Diva, 2018

Oil on canvas.

24" x 27"

Reincarnation in Brooklyn, 2015, Oil on canvas.

Reincarnation in Brooklyn, 2015

Oil on canvas.

75" x 75"

Smoke and Grills, 2017, Oil on canvas.

Smoke and Grills, 2017

Oil on canvas.

54" x 48"

The Beheading, 2020, Oil on canvas.

The Beheading, 2020

Oil on canvas.

67" x 136"

The Beheading (study), 2020, Oil on canvas.

The Beheading (study), 2020

Oil on canvas.

24" x 30"

The Bicycle Thief, 2020, Oil on canvas.

The Bicycle Thief, 2020

Oil on canvas.

78" x 78"

The Festival, 2018, Oil on canvas.

The Festival, 2018

Oil on canvas.

42" x 60"

Mambo, 2020, Oil on canvas.

Mambo, 2020

Oil on canvas.

78" x 156"

Press Release

Malin Gallery is pleased to present a solo exhibition of recent work by the Brooklyn-based artist Sylvia Maier. Featuring a series of large-scale figurative paintings, the works in About Sangomas and Soothsayers and Mischief depict the environs of the Flatbush and Prospect Park areas of Brooklyn where the artist lives and works - powerfully evoking the unique ethnic and cultural plurality of her community.

Many of the paintings feature friends and neighbors who sat for the artist, and the works are imbued with intense psychological complexity and occasional phantasmagorical elements. Maier combines a naturalistic approach to figuration with tones of magic realism. Working extensively with live models, Maier applies classical sensibilities regarding form, composition and the rendering of light to contemporary - often intensely personal - subjects. A recurring theme throughout the exhibition is the artist’s engagement with the Haitian-American community of Flatbush and its diasporic culture. 

About Sangomas and Soothsayers and Mischief is Sylvia Maier’s inaugural exhibition with Malin Gallery.

To view our virtual tour, please click here.

From the New York Times: "Three Art Gallery Shows to See in New York Right Now: Syvlia Maier"

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